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Our Personal Zero-Waste Transition

  When Patricia Catering and Cocktails decided to participate in the Zero-Waste initiative, we knew it was important to embrace it at the office and at home. Like any major habit shift, the beginning was not easy. We had lots of questions about what goes where and how to best set up our office and homes to efficiently implement Zero-Waste into our lives. Although it’s […]

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Patricia Catering and Cocktails is Now Zero Waste

  We’re excited to announce that Patricia Catering and Cocktails is the area’s only Zero Waste caterer!  We are now focused on reusing, recycling and reducing our waste in all aspects of our operation. We have phased out all Styrofoam, and now use 100% compostable plates, cups and napkins. Our kitchen and office are 100% zero waste, and we now offer sustainable products and zero […]

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