A Wedding Menu Inspired by You

Your Day, Your Way

Your special day is all about creating unforgettable memories and giving your guest a memorable meal should be a part of that. Our chefs make everything from scratch with the best quality local ingredients. Your wedding menu can be customized to your taste and we have plenty of experience to help you choose the perfect menu pairings. When it comes to wedding catering in Omaha, Patricia Catering and Cocktails is the area’s only zero-waste caterer.

Local & Fresh Ingredients

Next to the newlyweds, food is the next most important ingredient for a memorable wedding recipe. We do our best to source local and fresh ingredients as much as possible when seasonality allows. Meat and seafood items come from sustainably raised sources. Our wedding menus are unique and seasonal, showcasing the local flavors Nebraska has to offer. Your menu can be as simple or complex as you like.

Tanisha & Tim’s Menu

Tanisha and Tim are huge fans of food and wanted to incorporate as many options as possible for their guests. This made small plates the perfect choice. We crafted a small plate menu full of foodie favorites.

Alicia and William’s Menu

Alicia and William hosted their reception in the beautiful Nebraska outdoors on the Fall Solstice. So we put together a delicious, Autumn menu that showcased local and seasonal ingredients. Did we mention this involved butternut squash soup and an assortment of Fall favorite pies?

How to Choose a Menu for Your Wedding

Choose the Serving Style

You can choose to serve your food in four different ways:

  1. Plated meals 
  2. Buffet
  3. Serving stations 
  4. Heavy appetizers served by wait staff

When selecting your preferred style, think about how it will work within the space available as well as the formality of your event. Work with your wedding reception venue to determine which style will be best for the room layout and which option best fits your budget.

Seasonal Options

Selecting wedding food options that are local and in season will be fresher and less costly. When you consider the season, you can choose options that feel right for that time of the year. For example, a summer wedding might serve lighter, refreshing items like iced tea, lemonade, fresh salads, chicken, and fish. A winter wedding may serve more hearty meals like steak, cream based soups, and warm beverages.

Choose Your Favorites

It’s your wedding, so eat what you like. Is there a special food item that means something to your and your partner? Maybe your first date was at an Italian restaurant, and that lasagna was amazing. Also consider your location. If guests are coming into town you might incorporate some dishes that are famous for the area – like corn and beef in Omaha for example.

Consider Possible Food Allergies

You can offer guests a choice of two dinner options for plated meals. If you’re going with a buffet or serving family style, make sure to create a menu with a variety of different food items to accommodate your guests. If you know guests have food sensitivity or allergies, you can ask to have some special dishes reserved for them. Include a note in your wedding invitation asking guests to contact you for special dietary requests.

Let’s Make It Look Great

Of course you want your meals to be delectable, but you also want the food to look appetizing. We’ll discuss how your food should be presented in a creative way that works with your theme. The perfect presentation adds an extra special touch that makes a great impression.

Start brainstorming what kind of food you want at your wedding and reach out to the catering companies that you think will fit your budget and the vision of your wedding reception.

Get Started with a Tasting

Unless you already know what you want for your wedding menu, starting with a tasting is a great way to see what’s out there and it gives you a chance to sample our work. Patricia Catering & Cocktails offers free monthly group tastings as well as private tastings.

Working with us is easy