The first day of Summer (June 20th) has just passed and we’re officially in Summer. We’ve been feeling and enjoying the heat for a few weeks now. Here are some tips for enjoying Summer 2020 to the fullest and how we can help.


4th of July Omaha Catering

The summer’s loudest holiday is sure to include delicious food and patriotic drinks. A quick google search provides a plethora of fun drink ideas for the holiday. If you are wanting something simple, yet patriotic, pick a red or blue drink and use your garnishes to add that extra color!

 Strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries provide a splash of color to your favorite mixers. You can find lots of different straws or decorations at your local party or grocery store to help add pizazz.

Meals for Home

Treat Yo’self to Gourmet meals

Tired of cooking? Need a break from the casseroles? Let PC and C cook for you. Our daily menus are picked off our menu and discounted during this difficult time.


Our daily menus are posted on our Blog and Facebook page!

Catering Picnic Specials

This Summer favorite menu was designed specifically for your family and friend get-togethers. While big parties have been limited, Backyard Picnics can be the perfect at-home getaway.

Pull out the picnic blanket, fill up the baby pool with ice for the drinks and cold items, turn on the sprinkler for some relief from the heat, and don’t forget the old football to throw around after chowing down.

Check Out Our 2020 Picnic Menu