When Patricia Catering and Cocktails decided to participate in the Zero-Waste initiative, we knew it was important to embrace it at the office and at home. Like any major habit shift, the beginning was not easy. We had lots of questions about what goes where and how to best set up our office and homes to efficiently implement Zero-Waste into our lives. Although it’s been a challenge at times, it’s been a rewarding process, and keeps getting easier the more we learn.

How We’ve Changed

We didn’t become Zero-Waste overnight, but the transition was quicker than we imagined. Many little changes have helped us get closer to our goal. The key is to focus on one change at a time.  One of the first and easiest changes we made was bringing our own water bottles instead of using single-use plastics. Our head chef Beau started an herb garden using Hillside Solutions compost, instead of only buying from vendors. You can find most of our team members at local farmer’s markets on the weekend sourcing fresh local produce and other items.

Patricia (Founder & Owner)

Patricia is now buying compost from Hillside Solutions (our waste removal partner) bringing the cycle full circle. She uses the compost in her personal and company garden to grow farm to table herbs and vegetables. At home, she has incorporated recycling and composting and uses sustainable products instead of single-use plastics.

Beau (Head Chef)

Beau has started using Hillside Solutions compost to grow fresh non-GMO herbs to use in his cuisine. He also uses the compost at home in his personal garden. Beau has also incorporated the sustainable practice of seed collecting from the herbs he grows to plant out the next rotation – a completely self-contained system.

Sarah (Administrative & Marketing)

Sarah has incorporated recycling and composting at home. Instead of just throwing stuff away, she tries to think of ways to repurpose items and recycles what can’t be repurposed. In addition, Sarah has committed herself to using more sustainable products instead of single-use plastics.

Bree (Lead Server)

Bree has incorporated recycling at home. She bought recycling cans and labeled them to make it easy for her family to know where to put each item.

Emma (Lead Server)

Emma has become more conscious of what is trash and what is recyclable. She is educating and encouraging her family to pay more attention as well.

Chris (Dishwasher)

Chris lives in an apartment complex that doesn’t offer recycling and compost. But that hasn’t stopped him. He still separates his trash and brings his recyclables and compost to our facility.

Want to Join the Zero-Waste Initiative?

Incorporating Zero-Waste into our personal lives has been an empowering experience. We feel like we’re actively participating in helping make the world a better place. One person can’t change the world as a whole, but when you change your personal world, you’re making an impact.

We look forward to keeping you posted with our Zero-Waste journey, and hope to see you at your next event!