When you’re making plans for an event or special occasion, a lot of planning goes towards food and beverages.  At some point, you may ask yourself if you should hire a catering service to help out. It’s a good question. When you hire a catering service you’re getting more than just food and beverages. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways a full service catering operation can help make your next event memorable.

Enough Food & Beverages for Everyone

One of your biggest fears for your event is likely running out of food and drinks. Doing the calculations for how much food to have prepared can be a daunting task. When you hire a professional catering company you can rest assured knowing that the right amount of food and beverages will be prepared to satisfy all your guests for the duration of your event or party.


Preparing food and beverages for everyone at your event will take time. A lot of time. It starts with planning the menu, buying ingredients, getting help with food prep, presentation, serving, and cleaning up. It’s a lot of work. When you hire a catering company it frees your time to focus on your guests and are actually able to enjoy your event.

Details Matter

Caterers do a lot more than just bring food and beverages to events. A professional catering company brings all the little details together help create a lovely atmosphere and great experience for everyone. From the way the napkins are folded to little garnishes in your guest’s drinks, it’s these little details that can turn an average event into an unforgettable one.

A Treat for Your Guest

When you hire a full service professional catering company you’re hiring their entire staff. This means you’ll have a fully staffed professional crew ready at all times. There will be people there to prepare and serve the food and beverages, make sure dirty dishes are cleaned up, and guests feel pampered and happy.

Hire a Professional Full Service Caterer for Your Next Event

Patricia Catering and Cocktails exists to make events and parties memorable and enjoyable for the host and the guests. If you’re planning a party or event and want to enjoy yourself rather than worry about the keeping guests fed and drinks filled, consider hiring a professional catering company.