I have worked off and on for PC&C for many years and wanted to say a little about what makes this caterer so special.  First, the service is impeccable!  Ask a former customer – they all rave about the service.  And that doesn’t come by chance.  Patricia herself emphasizes that we are here to make the customer happy!  The amount of time put into planning and attention to detail is unbelievable!

Second of all, the food is always ample and delish!  Patricia’s comes up with some of the most wonderful dishes and they are always freshly-made and full of flavor.  As an example, the Antipasto skewers use fresh cherry tomatoes, small basil leaves (generally grown on site), and fresh Mozzarella balls – all on a small skewer and topped with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and seasonings – what could be fresher or tastier?

Last of all, this caterer is the most flexible!  We do breakfasts, appetizer bars, Nacho bars, chicken and waffles brunch … you name it!  Need an idea?  Just call and talk to one of the friendly and helpful staff.  Have an idea?  Give them a call and be surprised at what they can do!  — Sharon