When talking with our fellow peers, most of them are surprised that you can make your own salad dressing and that it doesn’t have to come from a store bought bottle. Vinaigrette is the most common dressing and starts with these two items as a base: Oil and Vinegar. If your new in a kitchen, the word emulsify can seem a little too scientific. Have no fear! All it means is to bring two ingredients together that normally wouldn’t mix. When whisking the the oil into the vinegar causes them to emulsify. When done gradually, they will combine what doesn’t mix. In an emulsified dressing the oil and vinegar doesn’t separate after it has been mixed.

You can use any vinegar, though White Vinegar and Balsamic Vinegar are most commonly used in kitchens. For your oil; a simple vegetable oil will have less flavor and color, olive oil has more flavor and a slightly darker color, extra virgin olive oil-which is a higher quality oil-has a more bold flavor and darker color.

Tools you will need is a bowl, whisk, and any additional herbs/seasonings you wish to add. Generally the ratio for this dressing is 3:1 oil to vinegar, but feel free to adjust to your tastes.
Start with your vinegar in a bowl, gradually add the oil in very small amounts, and whisk. For those of you that are more advanced, whisk while pouring a thin stream of oil into your vinegar. The vinaigrette should thicken as you gradually add the oil. Then feel free to add fresh herbs, garlic, and other seasonings.

Count it as a success and show off your new skill as you present them with a dressing that’s fresh and homemade!

Cheers! Anna and the Crew at Patricia Catering and Cocktails